Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Night Before

Whenever I am waiting in anticipation for something the very next day, the night before my mind is riddled with sleepless thoughts. When I was younger, it was the beginning of a new school year and the thoughts of seeing all my friends again after a long summer's absence. Graduating from high school, it was the first day of college that had me awake the night before with innumerable questions. What will be college like? am I going to fit in? I hope my roommate is chill and cool! (Alex, yes you are) More recently, the night before my departure for Viet Nam, a country that I haven't set foot on for 12 or so years had me brimming with excitement. Thoughts of seeing old friends, family, and relatives made it unbelievably hard to close my eyes and wait for the next morning.

And as I write this post, the culmination of these three experiences aptly describes my current condition. I am excited to meet the fellow volunteers, but the idea of making new friends all over again is a bit daunting. I am eager to begin my post in Mongolia, but the thought of living in a new country for more than 2 years hit you with a little trepidation. So yes, the butterflies are fluttering.

Do I know whats fully ahead? No...
Do I want to know? No...

I guess I will just take it one step at a time, and I just hope that there will be more of these wonderful "sleepless nights" in the near future.



Jenna W said...

Trinh--good luck in Mongolia! I'm up for a Latin America August invite....but when I was first applying I always envisioned being in Mongolia with the PC! I'm sure Mongolia has the potential to be one of the more difficult countries, but it'll be great and beautiful! You are lucky! Good luck and have the best 27 months of your life in Mongolia!


Zachary Child said...

Good luck, Trinh. Remember to breathe, you're going to do great.