Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Moment

This was a post written way back in '05, and its my first declaration of wanting to join the Peace Corps, enjoy.

Monday, May 02, 2005

So it draws to an end...the year is almost over and my college career is so close to being done. Thinking about this makes me sad...but thats how life is, so I will accept it and just enjoy the present moment.

Sophomore year has been GrEaT.
As I type this entry, memories flood back. I remember the first few days of the year, how excited I was to be back, to see all of my friends again. We were all single then, each one of us with a goal to find a girl, (yeah its true..lol..im just trying to be honest.) Sad to say that I have not reach my goal yet, but I'm happy for Giac and Jae for finding two awesome girls that they can share their time with. I can only wait.

Through the year, I have also made new friends. My basketball friends, my tennis friends, my partying friends, and friends through other friends. Its sad that we do not have enough time to hang out, but I am sure that we will keep in touch.

As for myself, there is definitely some personal growth that I have gone through. Behind the veneer of child-like immaturity, I think I have finally made some progress as what I want to do with my life. This is not gonna sit well the 'rents, who along with all the other asian parents want their sons and daughters to become doctors or lawyers. It would have been great to be a doctor, but the sight and sound of the hospital makes me uneasy. As for lawyers, aren’t there enough of em already?

So what then is my true calling? I have thought long and hard about this, though some of my old friends might find this hard to believe, I really do want to join the Peace Corps. This is not my attempt to be cool and do something that is different. There has always been a part of me that wanted to do this, go back and do the same thing that people have done for me when I was in Vietnam. I can say that my first two years at Tufts have also influenced my decision. Seeing so many passionate people with tremendous goals have made me look into myself, and what I noticed was that I was lacking this passion.

I can truthfully say that money/wealth/material goods are not goals in my life anymore. I used to dream of such things, but then again what is it all worth in the end? Sooner or later we all die, yeah..its true, we do. So my new outlook is pretty simple, live a life that will make me happy. And I’m HAPPY right NOW…so that’s all that matters.

Wow, I wrote a lot...sad to say that this is the first entry that I wrote with actual content. But its good to let this out...now its time to start the 10-12 page paper...its on evanescence and change, how appropriate.

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